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Since earning his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and public practice from Harvard University in 1975, Rob has provided leadership development services through teaching, coaching, speaking and writing. He is the president and founder of Leaders Connect and CEO Connect, which are leadership development and networking programs for executives and entrepreneurs. Rob is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations to reach their full potential by teaching proven techniques in executive coaching, providing opportunities for company leaders to connect with one another and educating your workforce through motivational speaking.

Have you Given Yourself a Career Wellness Checkup?

Editors note: What are the keys to achievement? What is the secret that makes some leaders a great success? Often, it’s as simple as being focused on the big picture – at work, and in life. These questions posed by fellow coach, Robert Pasick, are a great starting point for checking in on your current alignment with your long-term goals.730

Recently, I have been doing Career Wellness Checkups with my current and former clients. I have found that, just as we have a yearly checkup with our doctors to try to detect health issues that may be arising or have been overlooked, we can benefit by giving ourselves a yearly career review. This is different than a performance review where we are limited to feedback from our supervisor on how we are performing on our job. Here are some of the questions that I have been asking them to consider. I would suggest answering these questions and then reviewing them with a friend or advisor. Of course, I would be happy to consult with you, if you wish.

  • Are you earning as much money as you think you deserve?
  • Are you feeling fully engaged in your work?
  • Are you working at a level where you feel like you are reaching your full potential?
  • Are you achieving as much as you want to achieve?
  • Are you working with the type of people you respect and enjoy?
  • Are you passionate about the work you are doing?
  • Are you utilizing your unique talents much of the time?
  • Are you working in a career which embodies your values?
  • Are you working for a company and a supervisor whom you respect?
  • Is your level of stress reasonable or excessive?
  • Do you have a stretch goal that would enable you to move to the next level in your career?

I am working on putting together a Career Wellness Workshop for the beginning of August, if you would be interested in attending, or if you have other questions which should be included in the Career Wellness Checkup.

[box type=”download”] If you like plans and worksheets, check out the Personal Plan document from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for a tool to help you capture your own long term goals. The Personal Plan follows the same framework as the business planning document (the Vision/Traction Organizer) offered by EOS. To download a free copy of the Personal Plan, scroll to the bottom of the downloads list and look for the heading “Additional Tools” to find the personal plan document.[/box]