Move One Step Closer to Work/Life Balance with This Email Scheduling Tool

It’s the rare second stage CEO that isn’t writing and answering emails at all hours. Aside from effectively training everyone that you’re going to respond 24/7, your team ALSO feels obligated to reply at all hours when you’re sending out missives day and night.

If you’d like to end this viscous circle, but are worried about waiting to respond email messages, try out Boomerang. Boomerang allows you to respond to emails at your convenience, and to schedule your response for delivery a later time. This allows you to stay on top of your inbox, while setting more humane expectations about when you’ll be able to respond. As an added bonus, this email tool is free for occasional use, and inexpensive to subscribe to with more frequent use.

Boomerang features include:

  • Schedule email delivery for a specific time or within a range such as “tomorrow morning”.
  • If you need to keep an important email on file, but don’t need it cluttering your inbox now, schedule it to “boomerang” back to your inbox on a specific day.
  • If you only need to deal with an email again if it doesn’t receive a reply, let Boomerang monitor your email for you. It will return the email to your inbox if a reply isn’t received within an amount of time you specify.

To learn more, watch the short video above or go direct to the Boomerang for Gmail site.

I hope this tool helps you move one small step forward to work/life balance!


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