Q&A: Your favorite marketing resources?

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Q: What are your top 5 books on social media? One on analytics and measurement would be great! Also, are there any marketing newsletters/blogs you regularly read? I’d like to find new sources of education/inspiration.

A: Some of my favorite books on online marketing include:

  • The Science of Marketing (data on what social media techniques are most effective, & when)
  • The B2B Social Media Book (yes, social media works for B2B)
  • Trust Agents (for any online marketing to work, trust is the foundation)
  • Web Analytics 2.0 (for a primer in analytics)
  • Persuading Scientists (if you’re marketing to engineers / other technical professionals)

These and more can be found in the Beyond Startup Amazon Bookstore.

Some great online marketing blog resources include:

  • Search Engine Land
  • Marketing Land
  • Moz

Based on your interest in analytics and measurement you may also want to check out the following blogs:

  • On Analytics: Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
  • The Google Analytics Blog

Good luck!

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