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Best “New” Site For Recruiting & Job Posting Tips

hiring_for_second_stageFinding the right people to add to your team is quite the challenge in second stage – especially at the beginning when you’re really not big enough to warrant having an HR department, but likely growing at a rate that means you’re investing significant time in the hiring process. The good news is, a few simple “hacks” can help you spend much less time in the hiring process. This article covers a couple of shortcuts and tips for the job posting phase of recruiting.

One of these job posting shortcuts is to look at non-traditional sources for recruiting that attract high quality candidates. A surprise addition to this list of new places to post is Craig’s list – more typically thought of for buying and selling furniture! Twice this year I’ve heard CEOs raving about the results they’ve gotten from Craig’s List, which is enough for me to call it a trend (with apologies to my friends in statistical analysis ;-). Certainly there are other specialty sites to look at for some types of positions; in these cases, we’re talking about jobs that would have been posted to sites like Monster or Career Builder in the recent past.

[box type=”download”] Tip #1 – The best “new” site for recruiting: Craig’s List.[/box]

If you want to go beyond Craig’s List, this next new site is a great way to streamline posting to multiple sites at once. Smart Recuriters provides free posting to 100+ sites; they make money on the other side of things when you purchase LinkedIn, etc. ads through them. Even better, they also provide free software to manage candidates throughout the hiring process, helping you share documents as well as stay organized AND in compliance.

[box type=”download”] Tip #2 – Post to 100+ job sites in one fell swoop with Smart Recruiters.[/box]

While these next sites aren’t new, they are often overlooked. When it comes to job postings, think local. Your local Chamber of Commerce and economic development agencies are often happy to post jobs at no charge, and may be able to point you to other sources specific to your community as well.

[box type=”download”] Tip #3 – Think local. Post jobs with your local Chamber and economic development agencies.[/box]

Good luck with your recruiting!