When Should I Hire a Salesperson – Part 2

sales_street_signI gave a lot of general advice about hiring a new salesperson in a previous post, so let’s tackle the same question with more specifics.

If you’re comfortable hiring the salesperson before your sales team is overwhelmed (hiring “ahead of the curve,” as I called it in the other post), then there’s one step that I use to determine when you should hire…

You should write the “sales plan” that the new hire will follow for the first 6 months they’re on board.

In the sales plan, I’d put:

  •  Additional opportunities or relationships you’d like to develop with existing customers
  • Specific relationships that you already have that you’d like to develop more
  • New customers that you know you want to target but are not

Once you lay those possibilities out, then you should put them into a month-by-month schedule.

Finally, figure out the amount of money you’re going to pay the new salesperson over the first 6 months.

Now step back from the plan you’ve made, and look at the money you’re going to spend, and ask yourself if the ROI passes the “hurdle” for being worthwhile.

If it does, start recruiting.  If it doesn’t, circle the best 3-5 possibilities in your sales plan, and then see if you can find time within your current team to go after those.

Even if you don’t end up hiring a new salesperson, you’ve clarified your best opportunities to go after in the meantime.

For insight into what it takes to be successful in sales in today’s world, check out the book Achieve Sales Excellence.

-by Dave Haviland

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