SE Michigan Event: Create Your Own Personal Board of Directors

Personally, I found joining a mastermind group was the single most valuable investment I made in my business.

If you’ve considered joining a mastermind group and can’t find one near you or one that fits, there’s always the option of creating your own. Mastermind groups tend to serve the role of a “personal” board of directors, vs. a board of advisors which serves your company. (Worth noting: A Board of Directors is a different animal altogether. A Board of Directors is a formal entity with the power to hire and fire a CEO, and is fairly uncommon in early second stage.)

Personally, I found joining a mastermind group was the single most valuable investment I made in my business, so I’m excited to see that the Jackson Inventors Network (JIN) is holding a meeting on the topic tomorrow, April 22nd. It’s called “The Mastermind Group – creating your own personal Board of Directors”. It will be led by Steve Ward who founded and ran Micro-Plastics for 16 years.

As the Inventors Network describes this seminar on their website: “Let’s face it – inventing a product and trying to launch it is a daunting task – anyone who has ever tried knows the feeling that they need guidance and direction. No-one can effectively do it all. The focus of this presentation is on getting the inventor / entrepreneur to recognize and utilize resources within their existing lives that can become valuable trusted advisors necessary to keep them focused, on task and successful.”

Program begins at 6:30. Registration and more information via the Jackson Inventors Network.

For more articles on this topic see “Finding a Sounding Board.”

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